Nick Duval-Smith - Poetry Page




I am a flame
That lights a screen
Over which my words pass.

I want you to know
That between each word
Are thoughts not said
Feelings not let.

I wish sometimes
You could be inside me
Hot and knowing
Not just reading
But really with me at last.


Bright green
Luminous jewel
Tender bud
Utterly alive
In a place
Of perfect silence
And stillness.


For me to be
I let go and show
To live and grow
In hearts of ones
I love and know
And ones I don't,

So I can see
More of me
Returned new, and loved.

Big Love

Big baby
Big with body
Big with love
Big with big love.

My Woman

Blood drips from the hands
Of my woman
Inside me fierce with sighs.
The blood drips slowly
From between clenched fingers
Down across knuckles
Down under wrists
Down to elbows
Down the blood flows down

As she looks up
Up to the point
Of what she holds
That which draws the blood.

It has a sharp edge
It is a thing of power
Power and beauty.